Some of my Artworks:

Clay Bowl:

The pictures below show a bowl that has been made from clay. When forming our bowl we have to make sure that there are no air bubbles stuck inside our clay piece. After wedging we can start forming our bowl. The most common way to form a bowl is by coiling. We are simply going to put thin pieces of clay on top of each other to form the body. After forming the clay, we can color it. The final step is to put the piece in the kiln for heating.

Relief Printmaking:

Linocut Printmaking, also called linoleum cut printmaking, is a type of printmaking from a sheet of linoleum into which a design has been cut in relief. This process of printmaking is similar to woodcut; since linoleum lacks a grain, linocuts can yield a greater variety of effects than woodcuts can. Linocut designs can be cut in large masses, engraved to give supple white lines, or worked in numerous ways to achieve many different textures. The ease with which linoleum is worked makes it admirably suited to large decorative prints, using broad areas of flat color.

Brush Painting:

Acrylic Paint


Pencil Drawings: