Teachers have a great impact on student's future. Having a good teacher is highly important in students' learning. Good teachers are easy to communicate with, easy to understand, and easy to learn form. Helping my community has always been my passion. I really enjoy helping students reach their potential. I have been tutoring mathematics for over two years now and during that time I have learned a lot.
      When we teach, we need to make sure that the students understand the concepts by heart. When I see students, I see potential. I believe that everyone can learn and teachers and students should both be held responsible for the level of learning. Learning is a rewarding experience. When we learn a new skill, we feel great.
      While tutoring mathematics at Houston Community College, I have met so many great students. Students who like learning, students who like progress, students with all different backgrounds. The most common problem they all face is that they don’t have a good foundation for learning math. I don’t blame them. They never had a good math teacher in school if any! The joy that I encounter by helping these students is priceless. Every time I help someone and see the smile on their face, that makes me love my job more. Learning is supposed to be fun. Why do we make in so hard? Teachers shouldn’t take their position for granted. If students have problems with math, teachers are responsible too. We usually think that everyone who is failing a class must has a low IQ or does not want to learn; my experience with students has shown me that most of the time that's not the case. Teachers should get to know their students, get to know their struggles and then from there they can help them. The truth is that most students really want to learn, but they don’t know where to start. Teachers have the responsibility to show them the way. I believe teaches have the most important job in any country. They lay down the foundation for the future of any country. The students are the future. Let’s not take the opportunity that we have for granted and start educating them today. I want to keep doing what I’m doing as a tutor and maybe some day as a professor. Helping someone is the best feeling in the world.
      Learning mathematics is one of the most important skills that someone can acquire during their life time. Everything that we see has something to do with math and science. So many calculations have been done in building houses, roads, bridges, vehicles, and many other things. Having a good understanding of mathematics and sciences is crucial for every college student in today’s day and age. No matter what you are majoring in, you still need to know about math and science if you want to be successful and have an edge over other students.
      Learning math can be very challenging. Teachers are important especially when it comes to learning sciences and mathematics. Learning science and math is different from learning history and government. Someone must explain them to you so you understand. If you are not strong in math, you don’t need to worry; we can all learn! No one is born with the ultimate knowledge of mathematics. All of the people that are so called “strong in math” have learned this subject at some point in their lives. You can too! After all we are all humans and leaning is our strongest suit compared to other creatures.

      I have been tutoring mathematics at Houston Community College for over two years now. I really enjoy tutoring math and helping students with their math problems. As an engineering student I'm extremely familiar with all the mathematical concepts surrounding the education system today.
I'm able to tutor all the mathematics classes listed below (the class code for these classes in according to the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS)):

•    Developmental Mathematics (MATH 0100)
•    Basic Mathematics (MATH 0106)
•    Intermediate Algebra (MATH 0312)
•    Foundations of Mathematics (MATH 0409)
•    College Algebra (MATH 1314)
•    Plane Trigonometry (MATH 1316)
•    Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences (MATH 1324)
•    Calculus for Business and Social Sciences (MATH 1325)
•    Precalculus (MATH 2412)
•    Calculus I (MATH 2413)
•    Calculus II (MATH 2414)
•    Calculus III (MATH 2415)

I also tutor in all of the areas listed below:
•    3D Modeling (Autodesk 3ds Max)
•    Graphic Designing (Adobe Photoshop)
•    Video Editing (Adobe Premier Pro)
•    Programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++)

The truth is learning is fun; so let's start learning something new today!

The schedule for tutoring is Friday through Sunday. For more information about tutoring, go to My Services page.